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Antique Mirrors .... Our Speciality

At Swag French and English Gilded Mirrors are our speciality.

Based in Sussex, we go to France at least once a month to buy. The mirrors are lovingly restored in house and then offered for sale.

An antique mirror is an exquisite item for your home. Our stock ranges in date from the early 1800's to the mid-century.

It is a significant purchase but the value exceeds the cost.

Firstly it is a beautiful, sustainable addition to your home. The craft employed in its creation unsurpassed by modern equivalents.

Imagine the people who have owned it before you reflected back from the same glass. The history and story it holds, and will in the future, when it is passed on to its next owner.

It is a purchase for life that age has only enhanced.

In a modern throw away world it is an andetode to the pace of modern life.

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